The "Hussain" in me has arose again

Hi Friends,

I am now a Chartered Accountant. So you are facing a new Sujith with two extra letters "C.A" [However I can use these letters only after August, after some formalities]

Anyways, to tell you something new. I am in Bangalore now. The city with "The Bang". I have got my Bike too. So the city is still more "BANG"ing.....

By the way, Suddenly my long lost talent of Painting is rising again. The only difference being, it is now adept with technology. I want you guys to see some of my paintings which I made it on Microsoft PAINT.. Yes the very old MS-PAINT which we used to scribble upon and do some MODERN ART [the head'n'tail of which was supposed to be explained]

So see my paintings and tell me valuable review.

So how are these ?????

Appreciations are the things for which the artists are hungry of !!!