The Mission

They were preparing for the mission. He wanted to take the lead in it, despite the fact that it would be his first. After a long and strong canvassing, he was selected for the mission. Elated!!! He wanted to prove that he was the right choice for this. Thanking almighty, he began with the preps.....

His hands are trembling. Is he afraid of being caught or Is it because it was his first time? His reasoning ability has become numb. He knows that a press of his finger would lead to a catastrophic event, big enough to bring tremors across nation. The aftermath of this will make him one in the “Most-Wanted”s. After all, the target was of such persona. He has an aide, as the job is difficult to be handled alone. Everything is in place. The events are turning out as planned. The bait is set. The target has approached the bait. He was waiting for the right moment. He has aimed the target……

And then……. CLICK!

……caught live in the camera accepting bribe in a sting operation……..... was in the process of selling the details of the counter-insurgency tactics at the border............. leaked out weaponry strategies with a detailed account of Nukes and other artillery…

PS: My first attempt in Flash Fiction, or should I say a Micro-story. Got inspired from one of my friends, Md. Muddassir Shah's post  on the concept. Hope you guys like it !!
15 Responses
  1. rAHUL Says:

    interesting, to say the least.. not too sure if flash fiction is my kinda thing, but full marks for the attempt at innovation nonetheless.. brave of you... good job..

  2. Sujithu,
    Hope you guys like it!! ?!!?? My foot. I freaking love it. :-)

    It took me quite a while to figure out what that "Click" meant (but not too long, of course). I was wondering what is the connection between a Sniper and a Army Chief selling the country had to do, but then I realized that the "Click" was the actual click (i.e. this word was created for this gadget :-)). I am beating around the bush, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag.

    Amazing story re deva. Keep writing.

    P.S.: I think you missed my post titled "Condemned".

  3. prem Says:

    Hmm. A brave attempt. But it took me a while to get it.

  4. Karthik Says:

    Very intelligently written, man. I so loved it.
    I'm not a fan of this genre, flash fiction, that, but when it's written in such a stupendous fashion, why wouldn't I love it?
    Too good. Just too good.

  5. Rahul and Vittal,

    Thanks guys, your comments are the one I wait the most for.

    thats the point, guruve. I wanted the readers to take sometime to get the point. now that you have accepted it, I feel that the purpose was served. thanks...

    Gurugalu (Thats what I call Karthik)

    Nice to see, that you liked. I know, one who is interested into a detailed way of story telling, wont fancy flash.... I was just trying to venture out...

    But your What if..... Phew! story telling dragged to the zenith...

  6. divsi Says:

    wow!!! man...that is so brilliantly written!
    lovely read.short pithy n intriguing!

  7. Sujith Says:

    Hey thanks divsi..... And a hearty welcome to the blog......

  8. Makes for a nice read.

  9. AJai Says:

    Good stuff dude. :)

  10. The Seeker Says:

    yeah!!! cool one, got reminded of tose 55 ers( though it is not) and the one page stories ... Good attempt buddy
    !! keep wriitng

  11. you write really well..and i really like this piece..!!Flash fiction,you say...I say,attempt it more,you'll do good of it.

  12. Ajai

    Thanks bhai... Even a few words coming from the master, makes an ordinary man, a super star....

    I wonder what happens to a super star then... :)
    THanks for the comments, dude.!

  13. Meher

    Hi there.. welcome to my space.. I love flash so much, but I just dont want to get stereo typed.... Would roll out something new in a short while... it's not only interesting and less time consuming for the readers, who are ever busy in this ever buzzing world..!!!

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