When words fail....

When words fail, pictures bail out .....

I am right now in the most mute phase of my life. Its just that I am not finding anything good to write about. Lost the fizz i had, I believe. So I am leaving behind some pieces of nature I had captured while I was strolling around in the wild.

Lets see if anything appeals you guys....


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  1. Hmmm... Amazing pictures. You are a very good photographer, my dear friend. You must lend me some of your photographs to use in my stories and poems. I can always give credit and link it back to your blog. :-D

    By the way, I haven't seen you at my blog lately. You missed quite a few posts. Busy, huh? Do take a peek-a-boo sometime.

  2. The Seeker Says:

    hey!!! First timer here! bloghopping and reached here, amazing pics.. you have an eye for things buddy!!!

  3. divsi Says:

    i neva knew u wer so gud behind the lens too:)) awesuuuuuuummm pix!!
    way to go sujith!!

  4. Sujith Says:

    Vittal, Thanks..... And I am dying to get a link from your blog..... "Noone" would reject the offer....

    Thanks for the generous comments. And as u said, very busy.... So could not do the regular blog hopping business eventually....

    Have a left a comment on your recent post..

  5. Sujith Says:

    Welcome Barath to my space...

    And thanks for reading most of the posts.... Appreciate the effort, else people just hop and dont comment...

    Keep hopping into my blog.

  6. Sujith Says:


    There are two ways of interpreting your comment...

    First and the boring way, you liked my pictures and praised my talent...

    Second and the interesting one, "behind the lens tooo" is the only thing I read in the comment, and forget the rest...

    Thanks btw, had not been into your blog from quite a long time. Busy is the word I have been using quite frequently nowadays...

  7. Gauri Says:

    heyy... the pics look wonderful... keep going like this and ur gonna be famous!! You have an eye for beauty. And with a cam like urs you can go places!!

  8. Hi,
    Great way of writing and nice pics...your blog would sure go a long way :)


  9. Nice Pics.
    I liked the last one - The lantern.

  10. first time on your blog. Fine pictures. I particularly liked http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/3323/dsc00669.jpg

    There is so much that the pic can convey ... Nice work !

  11. Gauri

    Thanks for the lovely comments....I owe you for all the credits I have got for these pics.. it was your idea to go to dandeli!!!!

  12. Sana

    welcome to my space... thanks for stopping by!!!

  13. What's in a name

    That's my fav too... well, welcome to my space... keep visiting...


  14. Read your comment :P on the post -- infact just yesterday faced with a new choice :| hmphhh.... Twice my salary and a new job or the current job with THE godlike company I work for :( Sigh ! I could open a consultancy!

  15. you will get it back :) there will be a dawn to this dusk

  16. Nikita Says:

    beautiful pics......jst stepped into ur blog..liking it..

  17. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  18. Well with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the rewarding work.