My Set of the Finest movies !!

These are some of the best films of mine, which I feel people must watch. They are not being rated in the sequence. They are all equally good and are my top five films.

1] Blood Diamond:

Amazing plot !!! I would rate this performance of Leonardo, the best, better than titanic and his role in “The Departed”. However I feel, his role was not the meatiest in the latter than in the former. The director Edward Zwick’s style of narration has been dead on and will make you move alongwith the film without making you feel that this scene is not required. And even after forcing myself to concentrate on other parts of the movie, I still cant resist myself to extol about Leo’s performance. It was an Oscar worthy performance, but damn it was Forest Whitaker, who bagged it for the Last king of scotland(Although his performance in it was exuberant). Not to forget, leo, however, got a golden globe….

2] The Passion of Christ !

Oh god ! I don’t even remember how many hours I had cried watching this film. Mel Gibson has reached the hearts of millions by putting the pain of Christ crucification on the screen. Some might find it gross, some might even find that he has crossed the lines by showing too much violence which ultimately does not create sympathy but awkwardness. I feel that’s not true, because the BIBLE though does not mentions how jesus was crucified, but still gives a picture of the pain and torture he went through during it. I don’t want to go into the argument of whether it was actually true or the good ol’ mystery of he being the “son of god”… But the way the film was shot, just makes you cry, and cry buckets.

3] Traitor:

I wonder why Bollywood did not try remaking this film.. or wait… they actually made an attempt, I guess.. Mukhbir with Samir Dattani (Fufff !! what a choice). Not exactly a remake because you just cant expect film like this to happen (yeah, you heard it right, happen) in India. It’s a story about a US Muslim, Samir Horn ( what coincidence) who leads a life of a police informer in a terrorist outfit. I strongly recommend people should go and watch this film. The way the story reveals is the best part of the film and you end up thinking how is gonna end.

4] Snatch !

I am developing a sense of respect to Brad Pitt and his style of acting. Earlier I used to think

he was just a chocolate boy who was interested in changing wife like changing knickers. (Uh ! I was pissed off when he ditched Jennifer Aniston). But his performance in Troy, Babel, Snatch, Inglourious Bastards (Dude ! the spelling’s right, it isn’t Inglorious ! Go check the title again), Button, etc, made me feel this bloody son of…. (Ok, I am still worried about of Jennifer…. ) has some serious talent in him.

Actually this film is not entirely his film. Infact this is not Brad’s film. This is Guy Ritchie’s film. Especially I like the scene where three different shots have been linked in a smooth manner.

5] A Wednesday and Aamir:

Bollywood’s rising ! And rising because of new comers. Not the chopras, johars, etc. These two films have changed (or atleast should change) the way the producers look a film as an art than a money making machine. The climax of Aamir and the exotic act put up by Naseeruddin Shah (India wont get a finer actor than Mr. Shah) are the highlights of these films. Neeraj Pandey and Raj Kumar Gupta should lead this revolution and raise the standards to give a competition to Hollywood.

I have just picked Five or rather six of the best movies that I have seen, which I feel everybody should watch. There are lots of others like, Sarfarosh, Apaharan, Casino Royale, Ek ruka hua faisla, Taken, Bourne series, etc., which are in the top of my shelf. I just picked up a few of them to share the best.

Go get’em and watch ! And don’t forget to comment and share about your versions of the best films !!

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