Idiots ? Naaaaah....!

I have seen many many movies that affected me in some ways.

Movies that made me hold my stomach and laugh my intestines out ! 
Movies that made my eyes swollen and nose running ! 
Movies that made me.. ahem, you know what I mean ! 
Movies that took me to another world.
Movies that tempted me to bring out the actor in me.
Movies that brought back memories.
Movies that we friends started seeing each other in the characters.
Movies that gave us ideas of innovation or should we say ideas of hooliganism.
Movies that cried out a message which lingers in your mind.
Movies that made me believe unbelievable things.
Movies that made me ashamed of myself, at least some facets in me.
Movies that changed the vision of life.
Movies that pumped up the adrenalin, made me take challenges.
Movies that brought a ray of hope during low times.
Movies that made me review my own life.
Movies that can be seen just to kill time.

But had never seen a movie which made me do all the things mentioned supra. One movie, so many take-aways. I am not a business man, but yet this movie made me so calculative that I started thinking if a 100 bucks' movie can give me all these things, why should I ever watch any other movie. 

They thought out of the box, brought out-of-the-world notions on to the celluloid, raised creativity to the zenith, opened the eyes of their contemporaries that simplicity with heart, thats all it needs to touch millions. I salute them.

Dumb-struck, mesmerized, zapped, hypnotized, spellbound, enthralled, captivated.... am using Synonyms to express the degree of joy that I had from this movie. Probably one of those very few, very very few movies from which I DELIBERATELY WANTED to pick a part which I didn't liked, just to keep my belief of "there cannot be a perfect movie" breathing.

You might feel that I have exaggerated. I completely agree, but this movie deserves nothing less than this, which I feel would be the exact case after you see it. No doubt, you cannot find a single human being on this planet who had not liked this movie. [actually found one, see my comments]

People who showed me this magnum-opus, people who made my money well spent, people who told the world this is how a movie is done, cannot be called IDIOTS ! Naaaaaaah !! 

That's 3 IDIOTS for you !!!! 3 CHEERS TO 3 IDIOTS ! HIP HIP HURRAY
10 Responses
  1. rAHUL Says:

    nice!! though i feel there were a few flaws in the movie..

  2. Sujith Says:

    Yes ! Thats what I said. I had to deliberately pick some flaws. On the whole it was a very feel good movie with too many take aways.

  3. rAHUL Says:

    and by the way.. the baniya comment may be offensive to some...

  4. Hmmm...
    I beg to differ.
    I felt its just another movie of the block. Yes it takes you back to college and all.But its Not so good.May be my tastes dont match that of yours:O)

    There are people who felt the same about wake up sid, but I am sure u may not rate it as high as 3 idiots.

    I am really looking forward to your take comparing Dil Chahta hai and 3 Idiots.

    That was one genuinely awesome movie (again, my personal views)

  5. Sujith Says:

    Mudassir shah ! You get the acclaim of being the lone person who has not liked the film.

    till now I was thinking that this is one of the few films which have been unanimously liked. But alas, I cant say it anymore.

    likes and dislikes are very subjective. And yes, DCH is one of my fav movies.

    But still the world will remember you as the one who didn't like 3I !!!

  6. AJai Says:

    Nice post. Very emotional.
    Ya it was a good movie. :)

  7. Sujith Says:

    Thanks ajai ! and welcome to my blog....

    I felt it very refreshing. It was a feel-good movie.

  8. :O)
    I am no loner,there are many in my league.
    Yes, may be we try to be too critical about the movies, but having watched sooo many movies we have had to raise the bar of our tastes

  9. sujith Says:

    Hey mr. shah... I did not say that it was a perfect movie. I too found some glitch in the movie. Especially with the emotional scenes.

    but when seen the movie as a whole. I felt it was very good. I sharing just my experience. I never came out of the hall so happy after seeing a movie.(Last one was the Dark Knight)

    For the genre of bollywood movies, it was better than any in this year, atleast.

  10. I concur to the last part of your ws one of the best this year :O)

    And no offence meant or taken, all discussions were in the healthy spirit of discussion and debate.
    I must complement you write pretty well :O))